Released October 2017


This album portrays the burning of the Shenandoah Valley by Union troops under the command of General Sheridan in October of 1864, known by the survivors as Red October.

The Confederate army under General Early lost the battle of Fisher’s Hill in September of 1864, thanks to a sneak attack from the adjoining Little North Mountain by a Union battalion. The ensuing retreat by Early left the valley defenseless. The Union army proceeded to burn the fields, destroy the food stores, and slaughter the livestock; leaving the women, children, and the old to face the coming winter without a food supply or in many cases homes to shelter in. These war crimes were never answered for.

The battle of Cedar Creek was a last ditch effort by the Southern army to reclaim control of the valley, and with the defeat the independence effort was essentially doomed. Robert E. Lee would surrender a few weeks later.

Our story is told from the perspective of a Confederate soldier who died in the battle of Cedar Creek. When he left home to join the war, he left behind the love of his life, to whom he had never professed his true feelings. Annie occupied his last thoughts as he lay dying on the battlefield.

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Recorded and mixed between March 2017 and September 2017, and released in October of 2017

  • Executive Producer - Robert Fitzhugh
  • Mixing Engineer - Robert Fitzhugh
  • Recording Engineer - Robert Fitzhugh
  • Mastering Engineer - Chris Graham for
  • Lyrics - Robert Fitzhugh
  • Musical Composition - Robert Fitzhugh
  • Arrangements - Robert Fitzhugh

  • Drums & Percussion - Robert Fitzhugh
  • Guitar
      Robert Fitzhugh
      Dan Shelton (lead guitar on Red October I and Aisling Alainn)
  • Bass Guitar - Robert Fitzhugh
  • Piano - Robert Fitzhugh
  • Synth Keys - Robert Fitzhugh
  • FX - Robert Fitzhugh
  • Orchestral Composition - Robert Fitzhugh

  • Vocals
      Robert Fitzhugh
      Leah Hart

  • Logo - Cee Walsh for
  • Album Art - Dutch Dolan DutchiVerse

Recorded using an Allen And Heath QU32
Mixed in Logic Pro X

  1. Red October I
  2. Fisher's Hill
  3. Little North Mountain
  4. Saille I
  5. Aisling Alainn
  6. Saille II
  7. Red October II
  8. Cheathru Rua
  9. Cedar Creek
  10. Saille III
  11. Annie's Song


Red October I

We worked this land
Fed the soil
With the dust of our bones

We built our homes
Sewn our tears
Into every stone

We raised our sons
Prayed for peace
While they spilt their blood

Love nowhere to be found
Red-eyed men
Flames tearing the ground

The end it came for us all
Milk dry breasts
And winter squalls

Fear no more
The end has come
Cry no more
For we are one
Bear with grace
That thorny crown
In every way
The world turns 'round
The world turns 'round

Fisher's Hill

Blood on my hands
Please stay with me
Come take my hand
Walk this road with me

Where, we go
Who we will be
Who we become
Dream, once more with me

In the shadows of Little North Mountain
That's where they sent those boys to die
Give up their last breaths
Leave their ghosts to wander behind

Give me your hand
Take this gift from me
Upon this land
That god let free

In the shadows of Little North Mountain
That's where those boys where left to die
Cry out to ears gone deaf
Leave their ghosts to wander behind

Saille I

What would you do
If I took your hand
Out of the blue?
But I stumble
At the thought of you

What would you say
If I called your name
What would you say?
But I crumble
When I'm close you

There's no time to lose
If we're gonna see this through
But in my mind
It's me and you

Aisling Alainn

Now, I've come for you
Lay down your arms
And close your eyes
I'll set you free

Time, holds no sway
Now more tears
Peace of mind
Follow me

Float on the open sea
Unfold your wings, swim through the air
Fly to me

Come, fall into me
One deep breath
Take my hand
We'll both be free

Gaze, into my eyes
Forget your fear
Release your pride
Be with me

Float on the open sea
Unfold your wings, swim through the air
Fly to me

Now, I'm here for you
One deep breath
Forget the rest
You with me

Float on the open sea
Unfold your wings, swim through the air
Fly to me

Red October II

We, fought to be free
But God oh God
He forsook our pleas
He forsook our pleas

Breath, melon perfume
Windswept wheat
In the month of June

Drop down rain
Soft on my skin
Son goes down
Moon rises again

So sweet and old
Newborn skin
Both warm and cold

Fear, no more
The end has come
Cry, no more
For we are one
Bear, with grace
That thorny crown
In every way
The world turns 'round
The world turns 'round

Annie's Song

I hold your smile
These years
Since we said goodbye

Oh Annie
To see you once more
Before I die

I wish you knew
I love you
I love you
I love you

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Liar's Lantern Crew:

  • Robert Fitzhugh - Head Honcho
  • Zach Beerger - All Around Cool Dude
    Zach's Soundcloud
  • Daniel Shelton - Improv Guy
  • Leah Hart - Clutch Vocalist
  • Lawrence (L.J.) Jaconetta - Ink and Food
    Turn Tabler/Chef/Entrepreneur
  • Cee Walsh - Design Mistress
    Graphic Designer
  • Graphx - Design Mister
    Graphic Designer
  • Dutch Dolan - Bad A## Artist
    Multi-media artist/ Ink-man

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